31 March 2021

We, the hymn-weavers, are profoundly proud to be honoured in two great playlists sent from ours truly Art Gates Records and the mighty GAFFA Sverige ! Take a musical journey into the new releases from great acts and hope that Odin will ride by you side by side eternally!

Art Gates Records. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7HgrJu76Y1WZ5fsXp4AE5P?si=7535383f1ccb47d3

GAFFA Sverige https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ydUhUKBJCrySHWqIfnlp2?si=76571516414d4249

Hail the hordes that read this! Hail the hordes that listen! Hail GAFFA Sweden! Hail Art Gates Records! Hail Odin’s inspirational wisdom! Hail the hymn-weavers!

Hail Havamal!